Someone once said, “There are 3 solutions to every problem:

Option 1: Accept it
Option 2: Change it
Option 3: Leave it

If you can’t accept it, change it.  If you can’t change it, leave it.”.

After visiting a long standing customer of his in 2018, a leading UK IGU manufacturer, and discussing one particular issue, Robert Owen and his customer decided Options 1 and 3 were no longer acceptable.

The problem requiring a solution, as defined by Robert and his customer:

>Develop a system to automatically load glass panes of various sizes directly from harp carts to an IG Line, or other vertical processing stations.  A system which utilises the edge of the glass for handling.

>The solution should ensure a consistent and efficient loading speed for improved production, reduce Health & Safety issues, with the potential to improve quality, in particular with zero damage to glass coatings.  The solution should easily complement and integrate into existing glass industry software, with full batch processing control, again, with zero issues.

>The solution should offer a defined and calculable return on customer investment. The solution should be designed, developed, manufactured, installed and supported by recognised glass industry experts in the UK.

The solution to the problem?

>The IG-L

Problem solved.

As with all the best laid plans, a few unexpected twists and turns along the way. In the true spirit of progress, and with GS-MR’s industry knowledge and tenacity, our end design far exceeds our early specification.

Glass Processing Industry Automation:
The IG-L designed, developed and manufactured in the UK completely by GS-MR.

Proud to be a Member of the Kawasaki Robots UK Preferred Integrator Scheme.