GS-MR have received a couple of interesting enquiry points regarding the IG-L.  Feedback is invaluable. We would like to share these enquiry points with you, together with our feedback:

Enquiry Point 1:  “It can’t handle broken glass.”

GS-MR Feedback:

Only the glass crusher can handle broken glass.  If broken glass finds its way into a production harp cart you have serious manual loading / internal transport issues.

Enquiry Point 2:  “It can’t locate missing pieces or assume coating face is correct and all the things that can happen with human error, but I personally don’t think always removing the human is the answer.”

GS-MR Feedback:

The IG-L has the capability to load 180 glass pieces per hour, every hour.  However, GS-MR are delighted to confirm, the IG-L does not carry out this function blind, unlike other manufacturers that do.

IG-L software works with the production data supplied performing full cross-referencing verifications and full dimensional checks prior to loading.   It is our understanding no other glass machinery manufacturer at this time is either able to perform or offer these checks to customers at the point of loading.

IG-L verifications performed eliminate the issue of mis-loading, where mis-loading is only discovered further down the production process, by which time the incorrect loading of this glass pane has cost you money and time by interrupting your production process.

The IG-L dimensional verification check for each piece of glass exceeds cutting table tolerances.

Of course, missing glass is obviously due to a production loading error.  Human error – this can happen.

The IG-L informs you there is a piece of glass missing, the position it is missing from, together with the associated data for that piece of glass, the info is obtained from production data supplied.  Of course, the IG-L won’t locate the missing glass within your facility, that is down to human intervention.

Regarding verification of special coatings, and whether the coating is facing the correct direction for loading/assembly, these checks are also performed by the IG-L prior to loading. Unique and invaluable features.

Removing employees, the most valuable asset, is never the answer.  Making the absolute best possible use of the abilities of your employees is.

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